Our thematics

Ladakh is the paradise for nature lovers and also for all level sportspeople. Imagine yourself hiking on the roof of the world, climbing summits which are beyond 6000 meters high at altitude, rafting down on one of the biggest Asian rivers or enjoying the heart of the Himalayas on a mountain bike. There is something for everyone in Ladakh! The possibilities of trekking are numerous: for your first experience you may start with hiking by the day or for several days in the rich valley of Sham. The tourists in the quest for more challenging hikes can venture out in the Valley of Markha. Lastly the long distance hikers can choose between several mythical itineraries in Zanskar or Changtang with some cols beyond 5000 meters at altitude. . Read more

Thanks to the many exchanges with the Ladakhi people during your trip, you can dive into the heart of this unique culture. You can personalize your itinerary according to the numerous religious festivals in the region. In the various monasteries in summer as well as in winter you can attend those celebrations which are the symbol of Tibetan Buddhism and the local beliefs such as Hemis, Lamayuru, Phyang, Karsha, Stok, Matho and so many more! The local arts and crafts reflect the cultural heritage of Ladakh and often meet the religious and domestic needs. The only source of incomes is the local savoir-faire which has been passed down for generations. We would be delighted to bring you for instance to a traditional weaver or a local potter. In the traditional kitchens, you will have a beautiful glimpse of the work done by the artisans. Read more

Monasteries are the witnesses of the atmosphere in Ladakh and also the decorated cols of colored prayer flags. Ladakhi people turn their prayer wheels while exclaiming themselves with a cheerful "julley julley". This is a wonderful opportunity to come closer to the Buddhist philosophy by visiting the many monasteries and exchanging with your local guide. Ladakhi people are filled with quietude and share their wisdom in every instant. Discover the traditional Tibetan medicine and meet with an Amchi during your trip. This thousand-year-old holistic Medicine combines various medical systems from Ayurveda to Shamanism. Amchis know a lot about the use of the plants, minerals and medicine roots situated in their immediate and more distant environment. Read more
Geology is an integral part of the landscape. The hiking trails bear the marks of the morphology of the stones. The mineral universe of the area reveals the Himalayan barrier which is the moving result of the collision between the Eurasian tectonic plates and the Asian ones. Admire this amazing variety of stones: granit, limestone, shist. You will be touched by the spectacular mixture of colors: green, violet, brown ochre and red! Observe the wild fauna of Ladakh and its emblematic species: the blue sheep (the bharals), the ibex, yaks, foxes, marmots and the Kiangs (the wild Tibetan donkeys). The luckiest travelers can keep a watch on the very rare Snow Leopard. The bird lovers will be fulfilled especially with the birds of prey such as the vultures of the Himalayas, the gypaets or the eagles. Read more