Wild life

The fauna and the flora

Geology is an integral part of the landscape. The hiking trails bear the marks of the morphology of the stones. The mineral universe of the area reveals the Himalayan barrier which is the moving result of the collision between the Eurasian tectonic plates and the Asian ones. Admire this amazing variety of stones: granit, limestone, shist. You will be touched by the spectacular mixture of colors: green, violet, brown ochre and red!

Observe the wild fauna of Ladakh and its emblematic species: the blue sheep (the bharals), the ibex, yaks, foxes, marmots and the Kiangs (the wild Tibetan donkeys). The luckiest travelers can keep a watch on the very rare Snow Leopard. The bird lovers will be fulfilled especially with the birds of prey such as the vultures of the Himalayas, the gypaets or the eagles.

As for the flora, it varies according to the altitude. Original oasis of greenery exist near the rivers in the Valley of Indus. The apricot and apple trees can be found all along the villages. On the trekking trails it is not rare to see pretty Eldeweiss flowers.

Welcome to the end of the world the Changtang on the high plateaux close to the Tibetan border. Huge pastures shelter nomadic populations very close to the salty lake Tso Kar and the mythical Tso Moriri. Another lake whose beauty is dazzling is located nearer Leh: Pangon Tso, the magnificent blue dream lake in the middle of the mountain. Explore the jewels of Ladakh between vast spaces and wild life!

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