Buddhism and the local beliefs

Monasteries are the witnesses of the atmosphere in Ladakh and also the decorated cols of colored prayer flags. Ladakhi people turn their prayer wheels while exclaiming themselves with a cheerful "julley julley". This is a wonderful opportunity to come closer to the Buddhist philosophy by visiting the many monasteries and exchanging with your local guide. Ladakhi people are filled with quietude and share their wisdom in every instant.

Discover the traditional Tibetan medicine and meet with an Amchi during your trip. This thousand-year-old holistic Medicine combines various medical systems from Ayurveda to Shamanism. Amchis know a lot about the use of the plants, minerals and medicine roots situated in their immediate and more distant environment. Plants are harvested and reduced into powder then into pills. They also grant a considerable importance to astrology, life hygiene and nutrition. They have always played a vital role for the health of the inhabitants of the remote villages in the Himalayas.

The majestic landscapes and the serenity which emanate from this region are favorable to yoga and meditation practices for example. More and more travelers come to Ladakh to resource themselves either in the form of a retreat, an initiatic workshop or by combining yoga and trekking for instance. The benefits of this combination are no longer to be proved. Thanks to the quality of our services, we can open the doors to practices and professional local people that are quite usually difficult to find. Waking up in the midst of nature and breathing while facing the immensity of the world is an amazing experience.

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