Culture and tradition

Meeting and sharing

Thanks to the many exchanges with the Ladakhi people during your trip, you can dive into the heart of this unique culture.

You can personalize your itinerary according to the numerous religious festivals in the region. In the various monasteries in summer as well as in winter you can attend those celebrations which are the symbol of Tibetan Buddhism and the local beliefs such as Hemis, Lamayuru, Phyang, Karsha, Stok, Matho and so many more!

The local arts and crafts reflect the cultural heritage of Ladakh and often meet the religious and domestic needs. The only source of incomes is the local savoir-faire which has been passed down for generations.
We would be delighted to bring you for instance to a traditional weaver or a local potter. In the traditional kitchens, you will have a beautiful glimpse of the work done by the artisans. The diversity of the Ladakhi handicraft such as the wood, stone and copper work and also the woolly clothes (the thangkas) as well as the silver jewelry ornamented with turquoise, will most certainly surprise you.

The diversity can also be found in various communities that populate Ladakh. The nomads of Changtang do not live in the same way as the Zanskari people. Dardians who dwell in the Valley of Dah Hanu perpetuate a life style which is unique in the world. We enjoy taking you there so you can exchange with them, experience their daily life or cook together. In full immersion so to speak, you can stay with a local family and share their daily duties. During your trekking you can move from one village to another and sleep at a local's home every day. For each trip, a meeting experience!

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