Agency registration date in 2015 on June 26th - Licence registration number: TRM/TRL-422/2015
Registration Certificate delivered in 2015 on June 20th by the Department of Tourism, Government of Jammu and Kashmir

You plan to spend your stay in Ladakh with your family, friends, partner or as a single, or to supervise a group around a specific theme (trekking, photography, fauna and flora watch, yoga, etc.)? We can offer you to organise the whole local logistic. You only need to detail your project and we can take charge of the logistic on site.


Detail your project

Your interests at heart, your knowledge of Ladakh, the unavoidable sites you wish to discover, the pace
of your trip (moderate or you wish to take your time), if you wish to practice a sporty activity and which
one (trekking, hiking, climbing) and what is your level.

Inform us about also the desired duration in days over there
The transportation means you wish to use to arrive to Ladakh (by plane or which other earthly transportation)
The number of travelers (how many adults and children)
Your budget per person (each plane ticket excluded) And tell us if you have already booked your air plane tickets

Please let us know your name and surname as well as your main phone details if you wish to be contacted by phone.

Murtse Colony, Leh, Ladakh Jammu & Kashmir 194101 INDIA
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Contact number in France : +33 - (0)6 44 89 09 60 (French and English spoken)