About us

Our story

Lagangpa Tours was born from the meeting between Gonbo and Bindu, the founders. After three summer seasons in collaboration with one another, during which Gonbo was in charge of the logistic of the trekking aspect and Bindu was responsible for the Francophone market and the commercialisation of the stays, we placed our skills and our savoir-faire in the benefice of our own agency in Ladakh.



Born in Rumbak, a small village of 38 inhabitants located in the National Park of Hemis in the South of Leh, I am coming from a Ladakhi rural family which has a life paced by the agrarian activity and some animal care (cows, yaks and donkeys). I studied Tibetan Buddhism for 15 years within the Monastery of Spituk and in the area of Karnataka (in the South of Indian).

I then developed my competencies in the field of trekking by working just as well as a cook, a mule driver, a guide assistant, then as a guide for various Ladakhi trekking agencies. Then I became a Logistic Supervisor for seven years in Leh.

I enjoy sharing my passion for my country. I know how to let you experience our Ladakhi culture and make you discover the beauty of the landscapes, the life in the villages, the habits and customs as well as the local handicraft.




Born in the North-East of India, I grew up in France and studied Tourism and obtained a professional license in Ecotourism and a Professional Master in Travelling Business (Tourism and Sustainable Development). Then I started to work for two well-known French Travelling Agencies who specialise in Adventure Tourism (namely Atalante and Allibert Trekking).

I arrived in New Delhi in 2009 where I worked as a Travelling Adviser then as an Assistant in charge of the destinations to the Himalayas. In 2010 I was promoted to Customer Logistic Supervisor in Ladakh. For 3 years, each summer, I was based in the Himalayas and in winter in the Alpes where I was responsible for the reception in several well-known hotel establishments. During the 2014 summer I took in charge the running of the Hotel Nimmu House.

Delighted by all these experiences in Ladakh, I felt like sharing my love for this area and offering my savoir-faire as well as my inter-cultural skills in the service of curious travellers.

Our vision

Our stays are conceived in a way that you can benefit fully from the cultural, environmental and traditional richnesses of the Ladakh area. Through our dedicated work, we aim to offer you an unforgettable and nourishing traveling experience. We are cooperating with teams from various areas of the Ladakh area originating from several social backgrounds.

Stays organised without any intermediates

ladakhiThe rates of our tours are up to 30% inferior to those charged in travelling agencies in Europe since we are set up on site in Leh itself and we are operating without any intermediates we choose to cooperate directly with the whole of our network of contributors who are already in the region itself. We are contactable before, during and after your stay and we offer you the guaranty of a unique stay that which is rich and diversified with competitive prices.

Our local experienced teams

We are surrounding ourselves with qualified people who originate from various areas of the Ladakh area. Our teams are our best local representatives to share their passion and pride of their region.

The accommodations selected with great care

We are proposing various kinds of lodging, from the simple comfort to the luxurious one. Our traveling business partners are all carefully chosen in relation to the cleanness of the premises and the care provided towards the way the travelers are welcomed. We rather favor the small structures which offer a sense of family and a tailored service.

Which advantages to travel with us?

- we are a Franco-Ladakhi couple who can advise you and organise your stay
- we are assisted by people in love with the region of Ladakh whose knowledge and mastery of the expectations of Occidental travelers is a plus
- we are operating without intermediates which considerably decreases the price of your stay
- the itinerary, custom-made, is truly conceived as to not generate any superfluous expenses
- you can be reassured that our competent and local team is taking care of you at all levels (driver, guide, cook, mule driver, hotelier)
- your stay is well organised and embellished with the guided tours of some major sites as well as of less known and visited ones,
- we can take care of your security since we are on site and can intervene very fast if necessary
- we speak French, English and Ladakhi, which enables us to be easily the link between our travelers and our local teams,

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